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Grey Goose

Grey Goose has quickly become one of the most well known and popular vodka brands in the world since it’s creation by Sidney Frank and François Thibault in 1996. Frank was an experienced drinks promoter, having purchased the Jacques Cardin brandy from Seagram in 1979, and US rights to Jägermeister during the 1980’s.

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In the summer of 1996 he started to develop the idea of producing a luxury vodka brand primarily for the American market and began working with François Thibault, a French Maître de Chai to create the perfect recipe. Thibault had worked with Frank previously, and developed a vodka recipe using ingredients from a region of France recommended to him by pastry chefs and using water filtered through Champagne limestone. He has acted as the Grey Goose cellar master ever since, supervising all aspects of production, as well as creating it’s many additional flavours. Such was the success of Grey Goose, not only in the US but around the world, that less than 8 years after it’s launch that Frank sold the brand to Bacardi for a huge $2.2 billion.