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Indian Whisky

India is a country of whisky connoisseurs and here whiskies are usually a balance of fruit and malt notes. The climate helps to speed up the ageing process. Some of the best selling whiskies are created in India and the typical style boasts notes of oak, honey and cinnamon. Explore our superb selection of Indian Whisky online at your leisure.  

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Following colonial influences, whisky became hugely popular throughout India, in fact, India is the biggest whisky-drinking nation in the world. It’s perhaps no surprise then that India has grown to produce a fantastic range of Indian whiskies to call their own. 

This wealth of knowledge and diverse influence has led to India producing some of the best whisky blends in the world, eight of the top 10 best-selling whiskies to be precise. But what makes Indian whisky so special? The answers lie in India’s climate and the ingredients used. 

Tropical temperatures mean that Indian whiskies mature much earlier, while the accelerated process also results in a higher ABV. The character profiles experienced in Indian whisky vary from fruity and malty to sweet and spicy, with a mix of tropical fruit, toffee, honey, cinnamon and oak present. 

This wealth of flavour means that there’s something for everyone among top Indian whisky brands such as Amrut, Paul John and Rampur, all of which you’ll find here at The Whisky World.