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Hot Outside – Cool In The Glass

After a fairly long winter and a rather short spring, summer is here. In the quest for ways to cool ourselves down, some of us just sit at home or at work in the air conditioning, while the luckier ones get to chill by the pool. Or even better, travel to places where the weather is more moderate. An easier, affordable, and quite enjoyable method to refresh oneself is to drink some delicious, well-chilled wines. There is an amazing selection out there of very fine rosé, whites, sparkling and even... Read More


Rock Your Purim Seudah with Subtle Wines

Subtle wines on Purim? Sounds a little strange, no? The Purim Seudah requires an abundance of responsible drinking (please do not drive afterwards or have a designated driver accompany you if you are going to friends or family). When drinking big, bold, full-bodied wines one’s palate often gets tired quickly, losing the ability of enjoying more wines after a glass or two. The solution I believe is to broaden your horizons. Sure, with the mitzvah of the Seudah and drinking Ad d’lo yada (to the point one would not be... Read More